The Walking Dead recap- Season 6 premiere

Previously on The Walking Dead, the gang survive on the land, then find a community to take them in. They get jack of it, Rick goes loco, they take over the joint and kill a bunch of people. Wait a second, isn’t that what happens in every season?

Rick n the Gang are on thin ice with me already and then they decided to stretch out a 5 minute catch up story into an hour for the season 6 premiere. Aaand it was an entire episode of flashbacks. Yawn. On the plus side, this makes my recapping job so much easier. I get to jazz it up with pictures so you and I don’t fall asleep mid recap.

This is what happens during the first few flashbacks:

  • Gabriel/Judas appears. Swearing ensues plus things being thrown at the TV.
  • Boss Lady’s grieving over dead husband.
  • Abraham is d-runk and feeling all the feels as he removes aforementioned dead husband’s body.
  • Tara is ok and makes the best call of the night. When she sees Eugene she deadpans “Thank God. Nothing happened to your hair.”
  • Eugene gets a hairbro in the form of a new character called Heath and confirms with “I fully respect the hair game”. This pic captures the exact moment when Heath says to himself “White people ruin everything”.Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 9.52.41 PM
  • Morgan is trying to chat to Rick as he walks around like “Carrie” with blood all over his face. Daryl looks, well, like Daryl always does. Bemused. *A book “The Art of Peace” is noted amongst Morgan’s things. Hope this means Morgan and Rick come to blows this season. Someone needs to challenge Rick already.
  • Carl holds some girl’s hand. (And he only appears once in the entire episode. *high five*)
  • And someone in make up just got their Senior First Aid certificate. Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 3.22.42 PM

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Back to scheduled programming…


So sorry to have been so tardy with updates but the summer TV programming left much to be desired and did not inspire any recapping.

But the flow of our fave shows is coming on strong so there is plenty material for me to use. Actually to be honest, there is TOO much material for me to use, so I will have to make a judgement call on the amount of recaps I can do. I don’t want to start recapping a bunch of shows and not finish the season (unless it’s Wayward Pines-esque cos that dog had to be put down).

The length of my regular recaps meant they took a lot of time to write. So I think I’m going to change up my recap style and see how it goes. But fear not Donna, the old skool way will most certainly remain for #PLL and #GoT 😜

Punky x

Pretty Little Liars Recap- S06E10

Previously on “Who the fuck is A already?”, we were left with a cliffhanger of the identity of A reveal. The Liars are all running through the halls and up onto the roof (sidebar: hang on- when did they find Ali?), where Charles/”A” is standing on the ledge and about to jump. The Liars all take turns trying to convince Charles not to jump… except Hanna who calls him a bitch and is like whatevs. Rosewood PD arrive to surround the building. They take aim at the suspect which is a totes awesome idea when someone is threatening to kill themselves. Charles lifts his arms as if ready to fly and the Liars scream out “NOOOOOO!” or “STOOOOP!” or a strange combination of the two.

Cut to “EARLIER THAT NIGHT”- oh I see… that scene was after they found Ali.

The Liars are back where we left off last episode, where they found Ali’s phone but no Ali. I have no idea why they thought she’d head back home for a nap and a cup of tea, but they call the DiLaurentis house relentlessly anyways. I guess we had to tie back into the #MWDC (Mommy Wine Detective Club), still stuck in the basement after too much red wine and too many feels.

Birdcage seems a lot more involved than she needs to be but we all know she is “Red Coat” cos:

  1. She is dodgy AF;
  2. Nothing else makes sense as to why she is up in our fucking grills so much; and
  3. She is a terrible actress, who makes Emily look like Meryl Streep, thus working under a hood if perfect.

Apparently, the Hardy boys are talking with Clark and Tanner which conveniently accounts for none of them to appear in this episode. No Caleb- *sniff* oh my heart! No Toby- yay! No cool #MWDC appearances- booo! Aria sees a red hood walk past in the broken mirror and they set off in pursuit cos it’s just automatic now, to walk into danger.

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Pretty Little Liars Recap- S06E09

Previously on “How I Met My Stalker… well almost… repeatedly… for six seasons”, we knew shit was gonna go down at prom. I would like to declare that this was one of my fave episodes ever- the reasons shall be revealed during the recap…

This week we got the montage at the beginning of the episode, what a clever twist indeed. Olivia Benson’s Sister is having a discussion with Spencer about them being barred from their own prom. Then we cut away to the Fields household where Pam (Sidebar: her hair is seriously foxy RN. Go Pam!) is having the same convo with Emily. Oh and then we get to Sydney giving Hanna the same talk- then over to Aria’s place where Piper is also giving literally the same lecture.

That’s right folks- FOUR whole parents appearing pre-credits (downs a bottle of Don Julio)! WOW.

But it kinda sucks cos the Liars won’t be able to go to real prom so they’re having a #BarnProm at the back of the Hastings house. Piper helpfully (not) tells Aria that they can celebrate prom “in a quiet, more intimate way” which sounds way more like advice you’d give to your daughter about losing her virginity at prom but oops- too late.

Spencer is furious and tells OBS “that barn isn’t big enough for us, our dates and our poofy dresses”. Without skipping a beat OBS throws some legit OG shade and says “You’ll open a window”. *high fives OBS*

The Liars and Soccer Mum Ali are in The Brew lamenting this #BarnProm caper. Twinkly lights ain’t gonna polish this turd of an idea. Soz. Apparently Clark isn’t returning any of Aria’s calls which makes him look dodgy but we have learnt by now that these are typically diversion tactics. Hmmm… Soccer Mum Ali is off with the fairies and the Liars (well all except sasstastic Hanna) are worried about her. Then lo and behold- Lorenzo walks in. AWKS. His face is all “I can’t even” and he walks right past them. BURN!

Ali excuses herself to go tCharles text Alio the bathroom (?) and gets a perfectly timed text from Charles. For a psycho stalker who almost killed her and her friends- and very likely their mother, she sure seems keen to catch up with him.  Continue reading